Our People


Kristen cooper

With over two decades of experience, Kristen Cooper has a mapmaker’s understanding of every twist and turn employee benefits present. But after watching her industry grow more corporatized and less compassionate, she resolved to make a difference by serving clients with an oft-forgotten feature called ‘humanity.’


Sara Matsuzaki
Graphic Design & Communications

Sara is passionate about graphic design, fine art, typography, origami, music, and people. She has a BFA in Graphic Design from The Art Institute of Portland. She loves learning new skills and meeting people. In her free time, you can catch her rewatching her favorite show for the umpteenth time, listening to podcasts, spending time with family and friends, and participating in other shenanigans.

Sara brings our beautiful deliverables and employee communications to life, as well as champions our work in the B Corp community.


Sophia Cholulu
Chief INformation Security officer

Five years of experience providing organizations with the highest standards of security and information protection. Sophia has a specialized focus on preemptive alerts for potential security breaches.

In her spare time, she moonlights as a West Elm bedding model.

Cleo McGillicuddy & Elsinore Rose
Culture Champions

Cushion testing, on-site fitness challenges, and tennis ball Olympians. Cleo and Elsinore pump up the volume on fun in the workplace and advocate for work/life balance. And naps.