Your Employees are transforming the world… their benefits should empower them every step of the way.


We were born from the realization that traditional benefits models, well, left something to be desired. Cost savings replaced compassion. People became numbers (or rather “human capital”). Cookie cutter overshadowed community. So we departed from the dusty old convention and formed Blackbird, a unique business partner that places value in bringing human connection and a whole lot of heart to your benefits program.

We recognize that each and every one of your employees has a myriad of distinct needs. That’s why we listen and carefully tailor offerings that fit your people, never pushing a one-size-fits-all package.


We celebrate the people who believe in better. Blackbird Benefits Collective is committed to partnering with organizations that are catalysts for positive impact. Equity, inclusion and environmental advocacy are causes close to our hearts and deeply rooted in our principles.


Our Story

Blackbird Benefits Collective is a woman-founded business with over 20 years of industry wisdom. Our focus is to align with businesses filled with creative- and community-minded makers and doers. We love helping the unsung heroes who give so much every day. They kind of rule.

We are currently working toward our B Corp certification, as we believe in using the power of our business to solve social and civic concerns. To us, doing good is the coolest kind of cred there is.

Photo by zhudifeng/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by zhudifeng/iStock / Getty Images